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Why IELTS is so important for studying in the UK?

Why is IELTS important for studying in the UK?
I would have been a millionaire by now if I was paid £1 for every student who asked me 'can I get an admission without an IELTS?'

  • If English is not your first language you will need to provide a SELT (Secured English language Test) as part of the UK University Application process.
  • IELTS is just one SELT that is accepted by UKVI and HEI.
  • For some, learning a language can be cumbersome, for others easy.
  • Nevertheless the advantages of having an IELTS score (for example) outweighs the negatives.

With Prof Ben Mujib, Founder and CEO of Ben's IELTS, we discussed the advantages of studying towards an IELTS qualification and inspire you to study in the UK.