Fulbright Education

Where to study in the UK?

There are many options that Fulbright Education can advise. How to choose?

You need to choose a program first
For example, there are many high-quality programs for artists in DeMontfort university and for managers in the University of East London. Do you want to apply for A-Level or a Master's degree course? It is very important to know.

What would be important for you?
Huge and dynamic London or maybe some quite small town? It is also important considering the fact that you will stay there at least for one year.

Postgraduate opportunities
What can I do after I finish my program? If you want to move somewhere else or stay in the same city and take an internship.

Library and scientific centres
If it is important for your studies, make sure that you will have everything you need. For example, if you study biology you may choose a university with the best laboratory.

Internships and practical classes
Many universities have contracts with companies, if you want to work for specific company it will also influence your choice.


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