Making the Right Choice for Postgraduate Studies
Fulbright Education's counselors are not a typical education councilor. All our advisors are qualified and practicing teachers in the UK. With our deep understanding of UK education system, we can help you with your postgraduate admission in the UK.
Postgraduate study is very intense. It challenges your intellect, academic ability, time and self-management. It is also a considerable financial and time investment, so getting the right institution and the right course is very important. This will depend on many factors, such as:

  • passion for a subject/research area
  • gaining entry to a profession
  • progressing further in your career
  • developing research skills
  • further specialisation in a particular area
  • changing your career or occupation
Fulbright Education will pinpoint your requirements, taking into account your existing level of academic attainment, and work-experience.

We will help you with understanding course content, teaching and learning and assessment methods, and explore how your course of study will help towards achieving long-term goals.

League tables compiled by organisations can indicate an institution's strengths, but should not be the deciding factor, particularly at postgraduate level. It is noteworthy that institutions may be leaders in their field for your chosen subject area even if they are not at the top of the league tables overall.

As a prospective postgraduate student you may want to investigate:

  • course content, including core modules
  • institution reputation and department ranking
  • external course validation, e.g. accreditation by a professional body
  • the timetable, especially if they need to fit in part-time work
  • entry requirements
  • fees and funding
  • employment prospects
  • student satisfaction ratings
  • professors, research supervisors, tutors and their professional practice
DM Fulbright Education now to help you in gaining the right UK University Admission by providing genuine advice and guidance.

MARCH, 16 / 2018

Text author: Maria Lannin
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