Undergraduate and Postgraduate Studies in the UK

Where to study in the UK?

The undergraduate and postgraduate education opportunities waiting for students in the UK are among the best in the world. Because there are rigorous quality assurance and academic audit procedures, they can be certain that the education they receive in the UK will meet the highest standards.

So why choose the UK for a University degree?

UK higher education is quality assured by government-supported agencies and stringent assessment mechanisms. It awards internationally respected qualifications, so wherever students eventually live or work, employers and society will value their achievement.

Renowned research base
UK research papers make up 20% of the world's research papers with over 1,000 citations, surpassing the US in average research impact. The UK spends 4% of the world's total expenditure on scientific research and development, with 6% of the world's researchers (Thomson Reuters, ScienceWatch). Researchers in the UK gain more citations and usage per article, and write more articles individually, than anywhere else in the world.
Career progression
Postgraduate qualifications are an ideal building-block for a successful career. Every year, more than 230,000 students from all over the world choose the UK for their postgraduate studies and this number is increasing every year.

Leading Edge Research
The UK usually ranks second to the USA in terms of volume and ranks second to the USA among G8 nations in terms of research quality in most subject areas, which is important for students – they have access to the most up-to-date knowledge, and are led by some of the leading professors and researchers in their field.

Industry and Employer links and relevance
Strong links exist between the academic community and employers. Much undergraduate and postgraduate study is directly relevant to the world of work and therefore career prospects are improved accordingly. The UK ranks second in the world for university-industry collaboration. Students are often given the opportunity to gain experience in the workplace, and to learn from industry professionals.

Highly focussed shorter courses
Intensive courses reduce the costs of both fees and living expenses, which means a postgraduate education is more affordable in the UK.
Creation and Innovation
The UK has been called a nation of inventors, and a recent public vote on British innovations highlighted its impact on modern technology – from Alan Turing's 'universal machine' to Tim Berners-Lee's creation of the World Wide Web. Looking forward, inventions that will shape our future include ionic liquid chemistry (believed to hold the key to 'green' chemistry) and a 3D printing technique that can be used on human cells.


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